Customer-facing analytics – building relevance to business

DM Direct has interesting article on how now it is important to take data, information & analytics from back-office to front-office if it has make business impact & drive ROI. At Cequity, we have been constantly talking to business leaders in different forums and also advising our clients that it is imperative to find methods to convert data into action in real-time. Else, given the huge data decay that happen over a period of time, one always tends to use data to analyze the past rather than influence the future or proactively manage the present. This is really where we believe enterprises must build competitive advantage with data analytics and data-driven marketing.

Take a look at  what the DM Direct article has to say about this:

We’ve all been through it. After a frustrating attempt to figure out a discrepancy in your phone bill online, you finally give up and call the company. After being transferred twice and speaking to three people who each had to validate your information and ask what the problem was the problem of customer-facing analytics takes on real meaning.

Improving Phone Interactions

Most people who call into customer service are already irritated. The best way to transform an unhappy customer into a happy one is to address his or her problems quickly, interact with the customer on a personal level, listen to (and document) their issues and provide information about what will happen next. A customer service representative armed with information can transform a bad situation into a memorable, positive experience.

For those instances when a customer calls into an organization for reasons other than a problem – for example to start a new service – customer-facing analytics provide the customer service representative the ability to capture information about a prospective client and tailor offerings to the individual’s needs. For example, a phone company can sign up a family for the most cost-effective plan. Analytics provide the ability to cross-sell and upsell based on consumer patterns, versus promoting a cookie-cutter offering for all customers and making them feel that they’re just another checkbook.

Personal Touch

In-person encounters with customers provide the opportunity to make a lasting impression. Any employee can be a company advocate in your campaign to create customer satisfaction, but one behind a computer screen can be a particularly valuable asset. In addition to providing good service, a customer service representative can ask better questions to serve a customer, provide insights into products that may interest the consumer and appear more knowledgeable.

As analytics improve, it’s astonishing how good computers have become at “guessing” what you’d like. Netflix predicts what movies a viewer will enjoy based how the viewer has rated other movies in the past. Through the simple application of customer analytics, the Netflix Web site provides a valuable recommendation service. Customers expect this level of service, and it’s becoming commonplace on successful businesses’ Web sites.


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  1. August 3, 2008 at 1:24 am

    Empowering employees is a step on the path to great client care. It is a path many employers never take to their own detriment.

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At Cequity, we believe customer intelligence will be the biggest competitive advantage enterprises will have in the next decade or two. Successful enterprises of tomorrow will be the ones who can organize and leverage this information at speed to optimize their marketing performance, increase accountability, improve profit and deliver growth. Cequity insights will bring to you trends and insights in this area and it’s our way of sharing best practices so as to help you accelerate this culture and thinking in your organization.
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