Cross-Selling & Up-selling in a contact centre

When millions of customers contact your contact centre, there is always an opportunity to interact with the customers once their primary request or query is addressed. Very often, this  customer interaction may not be used as a  “point of  leveraging the relationship”. Best-in-class organizations use this opportunity to the best.

According to research estimates:

  • Best-in-class companies, share several common characterstics.
  1. 62% utilize analytics solutions
  2. 57% of the agents are empowered to decide when is the right time to sell
  3. 57% have access to sales experts and knowledge for informal training
  • Best-in-class companies achieved
  1. 86% of the companies achieved a sale of $ greater than $20
  2. 84% of the companies have customer retention of 50% or greater
  3. 59% have a cost per contact of less than $10

Interestingly, only 40% of the best-in-class companies leverage their cross-selling & up-selling measurements to support their cross-selling & up-selling initiatives!


1 Response to “Cross-Selling & Up-selling in a contact centre”

  1. 1 Karthikeyan K
    July 20, 2008 at 3:02 pm

    I think you’re very right – Organisations seldom views contact centre as “point of leveraging the relationship” with their customers. It’s a most powerful touch point created by the customer with any organisation and with a simple Up-sell and X-sell marketing program weaved around this touch point can give organisations an opportunity to reduce the acquisition cost and extend the lifecycle of the customer with the brand.


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